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Larger velvet bag with insect embroidery and studded leather strap

Regular price £135.00

This velvet bag is a treasure. And it holds an ipad nicely.

Made from velvet and part of our limited edition launch - its an easy buy.

The size has some depth to allow it to stand nicely when you're searching inside. And there are studs on the base to protect the velvet from any surface.

There is a hidden security pocket inside for valuables.

The detachable strap is made from leather and studded in antique metal in our signature pattern. It measures 44cm in overall length including the antique brass clips which enables the strap to be detachable.

Here are the measurements to help you with your purchase:

Length ( width looking straight on ) is 28cm. 

Height is 20cm

Depth is 6.5cm at the base, contoured to about 3cm at top.

Antique brass zipper opening with leather fringe tassle.

The embroidery is in silk and lurex thread.

The insects are: dragon-fly, bee and a butterfly.

Our PRESS logo is integrated into the pattern also.


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